Jose Manuel Broto

  • Otros Universos Tres, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 200 cm.

    Otros Universos Tres, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 200 cm.

  • Otros Universos Dos, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 200 cm.

    Otros Universos Dos, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 200 cm.

  • Untitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm.

    Untitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm.

  • Untitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 120 cm.

    Untitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 120 cm.

  • Untitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 120 cm.

    Untitled, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 120 cm.

  • Untitled, 2019, pigmented inks and acrylic on paper, 88 x 70 cm.

    Untitled, 2019, pigmented inks and acrylic on paper, 88 x 70 cm.

  • Untitled, 2018, pigmented inks and acrylic on paper, 74 x 53 cm.

    Untitled, 2018, pigmented inks and acrylic on paper, 74 x 53 cm.

  • Exhibition view, Galeria Maior Palma 2019

    Exhibition view, Galeria Maior Palma 2019

  • Exhibition view, Galeria Maior Palma 2019

    Exhibition view, Galeria Maior Palma 2019

With an artistic career that spans over five decades, José Manuel Broto (Zaragoza, 1949) is among the most relevant and influential Spanish artists of his generation. Broto began his career in Barcelona during the 70s just when painting, and other traditional mediums, were being outshined by the hegemonic discourse of Conceptual Art. In this context, Broto is recognised not only for a fervent defence of painting but also for having substantially contributed to its development thus becoming an international referent. Broto has received many distinctions among which include the prestigious Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas (1995), Premio Goya de Grabado (2003), Premio Nacional de Arte Gráfico (2017) and, more recently, Premio Tomás Francisco Prieto de Medallística (2018).

José Manuel Broto has thoroughly developed a unique artistic vocabulary that has led him to a progressive technical refinement where light and colour have always been the most important elements. If during the decades of the 80s and 90s Broto’s oeuvre was characterised by a dense quality and the idea of the interior landscape, it was only after the turn of the new millennia that his paintings became lighter and started using colour in a more effusive way. This is actually when the colourful Broto we all know made his first appearance and his work acquired a previously unknown vital force. If light was once confined and located within the painting, we now see how it is has been homogenised bathing all the painting's surface.

Geologías showcases Broto’s most recent body of work and confirms that he is still energetically experimenting with the medium of painting. We also perceive, however, how the dichotomy between background and form still persists —a form of struggle that throughout the years has evolved through many stages and now brings us rhythmic and vital compositions. His brushstrokes, now agile, light even electric sometimes, coexist with those exquisite colour fields that Broto painstakingly creates, thus bringing to the fore his very much refined technique. With a very controlled artistic vocabulary, yet free from any formalist dogmatism, José Manuel Broto proposes a true visual experience dominated by light and the voluptuousness of color.

We see for instance the complexity embedded in the piece Otros Universos Dos (2017) where the solidity of the colour fields sharply contrast with the instability produced by a background in constant fluctuation due to the irregular horizontal lines. This apparent lack of synchronicity causes a sensation of weightlessness that is somewhat counteracted by the severity of the aforementioned rounded forms. Geología 2 (2019) takes us by surprise specially due to the pervasive presence of the colour yellow, even if it has been softened by an orange tone that runs through all the surface; here we see Broto’s trademark pictorial technique. The rigorous squared format of the piece contrasts with the rather playful nature of the motives that convey a certain sense of depth and dynamism.

The exhibition also includes a series of works on paper that combine acrylic and digital image. As a matter of fact, Broto was a true precursor when in the 90s he began to mix digital imagery with painting —this is actually the moment when Broto’s colourful palette as we know it today made its first appearance. Here Broto continues investigating the infinite possibilities that arise when the digital media meets the material quality of painting and the gesture of the brush.

Solo institucional exhibitions include Calcografía Nacional - Premio Nacional de Arte Gráfico (2017), "Color Vivo" Museo Pablo Serrano, Zaragoza (2015), "Grandes partituras" Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Es Baluard, Palma de Mallorca (2013), "El tiempo y el lugar". Palacio de la Lonja, Zaragoza. Año después en Fundación Caixa Galicia, A Coruña (2006), Broto. Pinturas 1985-1995. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía ( Palacio  Velazquez), Madrid (1996). His work is otra of public and privare internacional art collections such as MNCARS, IVAM, Museu d’Art Contemporani Es Baluard, Fundación Juan March, Fundación La Caixa, MoMA, amongst many others.

Individual Exhibitions (selection)


“Geologías”. Galería Maior, Palma, Mallorca
“Obra gráfica” Real Academia de BBAA de San Fernando, Madrid

Galería “A del Arte”, Zaragoza
Fundación Belondrade, Valladolid

“Otros Universos” Galería Fernández Braso, Madrid

Galería Xippas, Montevideo
“Mundos”, CCE, Montevideo

“Mundos”, Galeria Maior, Palma de Mallorca
"Color Vivo" Museo Pablo Serrano, Zaragoza.
"Mapas…Mundos" Galería A del Arte, Zaragoza.

"Grandes partituras". Iglesia de Es Roser, Ciudadella.
"Grandes partituras". Sala Capitular, Ibiza.
"Mapas" Galería Gema Llamazares., Gijón.
Galería "La Carbonería", Huesca.

'Grandes Partituras' (Great Scores) Es Baluard Museum, Palma de Mallorca
‘Seres Imaginarios’, (Imaginary Beings) SUMMA Gema Llamazares Gallery, Madrid
‘Secos Arabescos’, (Dry Arabesques) Fernández Braso Gallery, Madrid

‘El Color del hielo’, (The Colour of the Ice) Carles Taché Gallery, Barcelona.
Gallery Astley, Uttersberg

Maior Gallery, Pollença, Mallorca. 

Cristal. (Glass)  Moisés Pérez de Albéniz Gallery. 
Relatos. (Accounts) Soledad Lorenzo Gallery. 

Recent Work. Alfredo Viñas Gallery. Málaga. 
Cristal. (Glass) New Monastery at San Juan de la Peña. 
Fragor de Luz. (Hubbub of Light) Teruel Museum. Teruel and Municipal Museum, Alcañiz 
Obra sobre papel (Works on paper). EstiArt Gallery, Madrid.

Broto. Soledad Lorenzo Gallery, Madrid 
El tiempo y el lugar. (The time and the place) Caixa Galicia Foundation, La Coruña; Art Centre Seville.
Broto. SCQ Gallery, Santiago de Compostela 
José Manuel Broto. Galerie Xippas. Paris
Gallery Astley, Uttesberg
Xippas Gallery, Athens
Imagenes Para un concierto. (Images for a Concert) Presentation in the Sibila magazine. Palacio de BBAA, Mexico D.F.

Maguelone (with Sicily). EstiArt Gallery. Madrid 
Salud (Health – a graphical work). Galerie Franch-Font. Montepellier 
Espacios imaginados, (Imaginary Spaces) El Corte Inglés window displays, Madrid 
L´itineraire de nuit II, images for the piece Sottovoce and Estudio II. Cité Universitaire, Paris. 
El tiempo y el lugar. (The time and the place) La Lonja, Zaragoza. 
Imágenes para un concierto. (Images for a concert) Instituto Cervantes, Paris. 

Principio (Beginning). Soledad Lorenzo Gallery, Madrid 
Moisés Pérez de Albéniz Gallery, Pamplona 
Adora Calvo Gallery, Salamanca 
Maior Gallery, Palma de Mallorca. 
Carles Taché Gallery, Barcelona. 

Collective Exhibitions (selection)

‘Art espanyol Contemporaneous (Spanish Contemporaneous Art) 1960-2011. Sidercal Collection, Casa de Cultura, Pola de Siero.
‘Paraisos naturales: reflejos artificiales’ (Natural paradises, artificial reflections). Juan de Villanueva Pavilion, Royal Botanical Gardens, Madrid
‘Soledad Lorenzo Collection’. MAS, Santander
‘Art dos Puntos’, MACBA (Art Two Points) / Caixa Forum, Barcelona
‘Internationell mötesplats’, Konstmuseum, Eskilstuna.

‘Obras maestras de la pintura de la Collection IVAM. Pasado, presente y futura. (Master Works of Painting, from the IVAM Collection. Past, present and future) IVAM, Valencia.

’27 obres 18 autors’. (27 works, 18 authors) Suñol Foundation, Barcelona.
‘International Art’ Kunsthall, Edsvik.

ARCO 10. Madrid. Maior Gallery
“Desde o informalisme a o multicolor” (From either informalism to multicolor) Caixa Galicia Foundation, Pontevedra.
“L.I.F. (LIBERTAD IGUALDAD FRATERNIDAD – Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood), HuArt Centre of Contemporaneous Art, Pamplona, CAAM, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias
“OPENING A NEW SPACE”, Xippas Gallery, Montevideo (Uruguay)

ARCO 09. Madrid. Soledad Lorenzo Gallery, 
"MODERN STARTS- ARE CONTEMPORANEO EN LA COLECCIÓN CIRCA XX-PILAR CITOLER", (Contemporaneous Art in the 20TH CIRCA Collection) Teatro Principal Hall, Sala Vimcorsa, Córdoba 
“MIRADAS. DESDE EL INFORMALISMO A LO MULTICOLOR” (Looks. From Informalism to the multi-coloured), Caixa Galicia Foundation, A Coruña. 
“L.I.F” (LIBERTAD IGUALDAD FRATERNIDAD – Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood), La Lonja, Zaragoza. Alcala 31 Exhibition Hall, Madrid. HuArt Centre of Contemporaneous Art, Pamplona, CAAM, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias 

1970-2001 SUÑOL COLLECTION. Suñol Foundation, Barcelona. 
Viento del Oeste / Viento del Este. (Wind from the West/Wind from the East) Caja Galicia Collection. Old San Ildefonso School, Mexico DF 
Swedish group show, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin. 
Collective. Maior Gallery, Pollensa. 
Obra grafica 01. (Graphic Work 01) Marlborough Gallery, Madrid.
Una nueva Mirada. (A new Look). AENA Contemporaneous Art Collection
Silensis (Silences) Sto. Domingo de Silos monastery. Burgos 
ARCO 08. Madrid. Soledad Lorenzo Gallery

1947-2007. Foundation Maeght, San Paul de Vence. 
Aena Contemporaneous Art Collection. Santa Inés Convent, Seville 
La Movida. (The Movement) Sala Alcalá, Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid 
Art Project Sa Nostra Cultural Centre, Palma de Mallorca 
Ver la pintura. (See painting) Coca-Cola Foundation Collection. Domus Artium. Salamanca
Les esthetiquettes Maison Edmond Rostand, Cambo les Bains 
Art without Borders. Lindesbergs Museum. Lindesberg. 
Conversaciones. (Conversations) Aena, Contemporaneous Art Collection. Badajoz. 
Diálogos con el agua. (Discussions with the water) Deutsche Bank exhibition hall, Madrid. 
Buades Gallery1973-2003. Patio Herreriano Museum, Valladolid.

El efecto Guerrero (The warrior effect). José Guerrero Centre, Granada; Navarra Museum, Pamplona 
Una geografía personal (A personal Geography) Beulas-Sarrate Collection. CDAN Beulas Foundation, Huesca 
Vanguardia y Modernidad en la Colección artística de las Cortes de Aragón (Avant-guarde and Modernity in the Cortes de Aragón artistic collection) Aljafería Palace, Zaragoza 
AENA Contemporaneous Art Collection. Sala VIMCORSA, Córdoba 
Espacios imaginados -más Luz (Imaginary spaces – more light). El Corte Inglés. Madrid 
El palacio Montcada. Génesis de una Colección. (Montcada Palace. Genesis of a Collection) Palacio Montcada, Fraga 
Rolde Collection of Contemporaneous Art. CAI Foundation. Zaragoza 
Sombra y Luz (Shadow and Light). Instituto Cervantes, New York, Rome
Silent Rain. La poética de la pintura y la escultura en el Art reciente español. (The poetics of painting and sculptures in recent Spanish art) ICO Collections. ICO Museum Collection. Madrid 
Obra sobre papel. (Work on paper) Aena Art Collection. Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid 
Tiempos de libertad. Art en España 1975 a 1990 (Times of Freedom. Art in Spain 1975 to 1990). Unicaja Foundation, Málaga 
Spanish Art in the 20th Century in the BBVA collection. IVAM, Valencia. 

La seducción de París: artistas aragoneses Del siglo XX, (The seduction of Paris: artists from Aragon in the 20th century) Ramón Aznar Museum, Zaragoza. 
Tiempos de libertad. Art español de 1975 a 1990(Times of freedom. Spanish art from 1975 to 1990) Caixanova Cultural Centre, Vigo 
Acentos en la Colección Caja Madrid. Pintura española contemporánea. (Accents in the Caja Madrid Collection. Spanish contemporary painting).  Sala de las Alhajas. Madrid 
Aragón Gráfica 14. MGEC, Marbella 
Lenguajes y sentidos (Languages and senses) Caja de Burgos Collection. Pasión Museum, Valladolid 
Sombra y Luz (Shadow and Light) Instituto Cervantes, Berlin, Brussels.
Artist Book International. Galerie Liliane et Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris 
Le souffle à la surface. Museés de Sens, Sens 
Colectiva. Galerie Franch-Font, Montpelier 
La poética de Cuenca (Poetics of Cuenca). La Villa Cultural Centre, Madrid 
Encuentros de gráfica 2005 (2005 Graphic Encounters). Veruela Monastery, Vera de Moncayo 
Fondos de la galeria (Gallery Collection). Rayuela Gallery. Madrid 
AENA Contemporaneous Art Collection. Palacio Episcopal, Málaga; La Regenta Exhibition Centre, Las Palmas de G. Canaria; Rodríguez Acosta Foundation, Granada 
Tiempos de libertad. Art en España de 1975 a 1990 (Times of Freedom. Art in Spain from 1975 to 1990). Caja Vital Kutxa Foundation, Vitoria; Caja España, León 
Señas de identidad. (Distinguishing Marks) Palacio episcopal. Málaga 
Febril La Mirada (Feverish Look) Manuel Ojeda Gallery, Las Palmas 


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