Susana Solano

  • Mueble 2, 2014, satin stainless steel, 98,5 x 180 x 55 cm.

    Mueble 2, 2014, satin stainless steel, 98,5 x 180 x 55 cm.

  • Mueble 1, 2014, satin stainless steel, 85,5 x 180,5 x 55 cm.

    Mueble 1, 2014, satin stainless steel, 85,5 x 180,5 x 55 cm.

  • Join sight from Mueble 1 and Mueble 2

    Join sight from Mueble 1 and Mueble 2


Furniture holds our objects, it hoards them. As the phrase “to be part of the furniture” suggests, it is associated with being an immobile part of the house, or of the building. Furniture resides in the same home, it sets down roots in inner spaces. It becomes a permanent inhabitant, a witness to the silence of our absence, a guardian watching our intimacy, and our day to day lives when we are present.  Furniture is truly intimate, it knows our secrets, perhaps watches over them, but it also proclaims the social status of its owners, explains our tastes, and vaguely defines the many ways in which we inhabit the world. It has now been a long time since furniture represented families and their lineage, as it did in the past when it was included in bequests between generations, kept and restored. Furniture moved along with its owners and left a trace of its absence in the houses that were left behind. Over time, it has been left to simply fulfil its purpose, and by obeying, it has lost its features and adornments. However, it has survived the spirit of logic that reduced it to a shadow of its former self, to a skeletal body. It has entered into the low-cost universe. It has become an ephemeral companion during different stages of life, something recyclable or an absurd imitator of earlier periods, or of other cultures, depending on the users that it always follows. The history of furniture is a minor story that takes the pulse of major events. In homes, pieces of furniture represent miniature city monuments, they are memorials and museums, parks and plazas for rest, pools that are like mirrors used to contemplate spaces, warehouses, and stopover stations between lodgings.
Susano Solano has made this collection of furniture with an awareness of all of the ancestral meaning, while also disowning it. The new collections contains some of the prior history. This furniture recalls the weight and solemnity of its heritage while adapting to a futurist build. The creator of the new objects has called them footprints, due to the way they leave a trail of memories, as well as the shapes that she has cut out on the pieces. This is a game that is related to her entire career as an artist: a game of meanings that causes unconscious memories and thoughts to emerge, even for the artist herself. She has played with the tame and pacific functionality of these residents of space, creating holes in them that invite people to imagine the most remote uses, or which refer to the impossibility of discovering any type of use. She has said that she literally went about taking portions of a space, and hi-jacking a space that could be useless or useful depending on whether someone would decide to risk imagining the possibilities, that are neither obvious nor apparent. She had added the light-hearted element of wheels that look like they could be used to move the furniture and to a different place. However, the overall bulkiness owing to the steel used to build the furniture, means that it will move very little. The pieces have normal measurements, meaning that their shapes are within reach, however they force us into the puzzlement of confronting ourselves with how they use space. In the creator’s own words: she has dissociated them from a specific action. The artist who created them still has the expectation that they will be used and imagines them as architecture that is available and empty, waiting for someone to offer a corresponding action that she has left unclear. This reflection about emptiness and hollows, about weeds that grow among stones in a wall as they seek to house their edifice, is a part of the game that the artist has begun but does not finish. 
In in the purely sculptural work of Susana Solano, in the objects created by her that ask to be looked at, it is very rarely possible to imagine the corresponding meaning. Getting back to the idea of furniture, its long history and tradition, we may think that only by crossing that boarder between a work of art and an object with possible uses, have we obtained a new being. Namely, a way of being that is closer to daily existence, to days throughout which life is transformed, and is more deeply-rooted in the sphere of intimacy. A strange being that completes a work and dialogues with the pure objects of its long and intense career of artistic creation.
Text from Marta Llorente

Barcelona, 1946

Individual exhibitions

‘Anònims’. Galería Maior. Pollença, Mallorca (España)

“El mundo de las cosas”. CNIO Arte 2022. Madrid
“Fragmentos y vínculos”. Monasterio de Santa María de Bujedo. Burgos
"Conversió". Coster Art i Natura. Pollença. Mallorca
"Fragmentos y vínculos". Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid
"Cosas pequeñas y grandes". Artur Ramon Art. Barcelona

Galerie Bernard Bouche. París

"Acta". IVAM Institut Valencià d´Art Modern. València
"Acta (dos)". Museo Patio Herreriano. Valladolid

Galería Maior. Palma, Mallorca (España)
Mestres. La Cadena del FAD 2018. Barcelona

Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid (España)

“Footprints” muebles. Galeria Maior, Pollença, Mallorca (España)
"Footprints: 2 mobles i 3 catifes". Showroom Didi atelier. Barcelona (España)

"Where´er you walk" instalación en Great Meadows. Crestwood. KY (USA)
"Vol rasant". Fundació Suñol. Barcelona (Spain)
"Signatures nº 1" .Celler Mas Blanch i Jové. La Pobla de Cérvoles, Lleida (Spain)
"Lighter than air". Beta Pictoris Gallery. Birmingham (USA)


"Cantata" Tribute to philosopher Eugenio Trías. Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona (Spain) "A meitat de camí - Halfway there". Jack Shainman Gallery 20th Street. New York (USA) 

"Trazos colgados" (Hanging lines). Casa de La Moneda Museum. Madrid (Spain)

"Artefactos" (Artefacts). Distrito 4 Gallery. Madrid (Spain) "Carmen".  Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dublin (Ireland)

“Lugares” (Places). Photographs. Estiarte Gallery. Madrid (Spain) 
Maior Gallery. Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca (Spain) "Photografhies". Bernard Bouche Gallery. Paris (France)

Bernard Bouche Gallery. Paris (France)

SCQ Gallery. Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
“Proyectos” (Projects). ICO Foundation. Madrid (Spain)
“Un hecho insignificante” (An insignificant fact). Helga de Alvear Gallery. Madrid (Spain)

Giorgio Persano Gallery. Torino (Italy)
David McKee Gallery. New York (USA)

Maior Gallery. Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca (Spain)
“Cobalto” (Cobalt). New courthouse. Ciudad Real (Spain)

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Helga de Alvear Gallery. Madrid (Spain)
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VGO Gallery. Vigo (Spain)
Senda y Espai 292 Gallery. Barcelona (Spain)
“La Linterna I” (The Lantern I). Montehermoso. Vitoria-Gasteiz Town Hall (Spain)

Porta 33 Gallery. Madeira (Portugal)
“Oro” (Gold). Maior Gallery. Pollença. Mallorca (Spain)

Provincial Counsel of Granada. Palacio Condes de Gabia. Granada (Spain)
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Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien. Palais Liechtenstein. Vienna (Austria)
“Paisagem”. Quadrdo Azul Gallery. Porto (Portugal)
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David McKee Gallery. New York (USA)

Luís Adelantado Gallery. Valencia (Spain)
Maior Gallery. Pollença. Mallorca (Spain)
“Moldura al paisaje” (Shaping the landscape). Psychology department of the UNED. National Long Distance learning University. Madrid (Spain)
“La Demi Lune”. Bonefantenmuseum. University of Maatricht (Holland)

Giorgio Persano Gallery. Turin (Italy)
“En busca de un paisaje” (In search of a landscape). Oliva Arauna Gallery. Madrid (Spain)

Whitechapel Art Gallery. London (Great Britain)
Anthony Reynolds Gallery. London (Great Britain)
Malmö Konsthall. Malmö (Sweden) Magasin.
Centre National d ́Art Contemporain de Grenoble. Grenoble (France)

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Luís Adelantado Gallery. Valencia (Spain)
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Städisches Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach. Mönchengladbach (Germany)
“Encreuar” (To Cross) La Máquina Española Gallery and Oliva Arauna Gallery. Madrid (Spain)
Donald Young Gallery. Chicago (USA)
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Washington D.C. (USA)

“Plaça del Joc de la Pilota”. (Ball Game Square) Bonnefantenmuseum. Maastricht (Holland)
Anthony Reynolds Gallery. London (Great Britain)
“De Varia Commesuración. Jorge Oteiza/Susana Solano”. XLIII Venice Biennial (Italy)

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Arco 87 Montenegro Gallery. Madrid (Spain)
Maeght Gallery. Barcelona (Spain)
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“Colinas Huecas no 8” (Empty Hills no 8). The Utsu-Kushi-Ga-Hara Open Air Museum. Tokyo (Japan)

Ciento Gallery. Barcelona (Spain)

Joan Miró Foundation. Barcelona (Spain)


Group Exhibitions (selection)

“Dioses, Magos y Sabios”. Caixa Forum. Madrid
"Ediciones Maior: 25 años". Obra gràfica 1991-2016. Pollença 

“Arte para aprender”. Centro Cultural Caja Granada. Granada 
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"Homenatge a Gabriel Ferrater" (Tribute to Gabriel Ferrater). Sant Cugat Monastery. Barcelona (Spain)

“Festa de la Lletra” (Letter Festival). Gaspar Hall, Joan Prats Gallery, Ciento Gallery and Eude Gallery. Barcelona (Spain)

Permanent collections

- Artium, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo. Vitoria-Gasteiz (España)
- Ajuntament de Barcelona. Barcelona (España)
- Ayuntamiento de Miengo. Miengo - Cantabria (España)
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