Maior Gallery was founded in Pollença in 1990. Since then we have developed a significant labor in promoting contemporary art. We represent both emerging and established artists, and work with new means to create innovative ways to explore, interpret, and visualize new languages and artistic experiences. Since July 2004, Maior has a new space in Palma.

The gallery has participated in major contemporary art fairs such as ARCO (since 1994), ArtCologne (since 1995), Loop, Estampa, Artissima, KIAF, PULSE Miami and PULSE New York, among others.

During summertime, the gallery organizes a series of video art screenings entitled "The video on the roof": on July and August nights, critics, curators, museum managers and artists present their latest video creations selections on the gallery’s roof in Pollença.

A program of approximately seven exhibitions per year offers a taste of young artists and prominent names’ more recent work. We also work with museums, institutions and foundations in the dissemination of our artists’ work, nationally and internationally.

We also provide experimental workshops in which the artists develop different techniques. Amador, Broto, Campano, José Pedro Croft, Xavier Grau, Eva Lootz, A.R. Penck, Jürgen Partenheimer, Charo Pradas, Susana Solano, Darío Urzay, Mónica Fuster, Joan Cortés, Núria Marquès, Aina Perelló and Nicholas Woods are among the artists who have made editions for the gallery.



October - December 2017

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We could define the landscape as that which incidentally surrounds us and that at times turns us into our own projection; The construction that, in a slow, insistent and inevitable manner, accommodates our presence. Landscapes are built beyond the image, even outside of the real. They amount to a mental creation of spaces, places where emptiness and accumulation converge as a result of depositing our time and desires in them. Well, this complexity also serves as the structure for the creation of Antonio Mesones´ painting. His working method is slow and serene. The light, colour, expression, substance/form relationship, depth and space also need time to be present and express themselves. His attitude is about waiting, because every stage has its time, its importance, its intensity and it is from that point that colour, light and shape gradually establish communication between the painter and painting in order to make a new creation possible. Those that know the trajectory of Mesones, will see in his latest pieces the result of a long and coherent evolution from previous series. On the other hand, those coming to this work for the first time, will also have an enjoyable time taking pleasure in the immediate emotions that are created by the different compositions and the energy of their colours. Some convey happiness, others melancholy, or even serenity. However, the spectator always experiences a point of exciting disturbance, the incitement of curiosity that cannot be satisfied, as a large part of the creative work is hidden in the different layers of acrylic. The curiosity remains, but for now it is irremediably inaccessible. This almost “absurd” dimension adds a special depth to his creations. The work of Antonio Mesones can be intellectualized, criticised, contextualised or interpreted in different ways; but indeed, its strength resides in the fact that there is no single interpretation or answer. At best, the viewer can explain what they feel, or express what they believe they see. But, ultimately these are only their intuitions. There are languages that are not to be translated.